Jeffrey Ruiz-Harries – Octopus

Bronze ( from an edition of 10)

Front view
Side view

dimensions: 6″ height x 13″ width x 12″ depth

Available in this colour patina finish or a waxed bronze finish

( shown below)

£6,500 *

also available to buy interest free


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This sculpture is from an edition of 10

Free delivery available within the UK

Waiting time for sculpture to be made 6-8 weeks

Example of bronze finish:

Artist statement:

“Submerged. The waves roll above me. They are guardians of this hidden world and they have granted me passage. I watch in awe as the undercurrent shifts the sand, a dancer spinning with its partner. They sway together briefly in a rhythm beyond human comprehension, and gently release each other. In their wake they leave new patterns; some bold, some subtle, but all beautiful. A crab scuttles away. The show has ended and it must return to its labour, or perhaps my presence has disturbed him? However, it has nothing to fear, for I am immersed and I am at peace. 
But peace is a fleeting thing. I return to the surface and leave the crab to its duties. I draw deep breaths and taste the salt in the air. The sound of my breath fades into waves as they crash on the shore. My ears focus on the bay’s booming symphony, its voice. I am a strong swimmer, but now is not the time for swimming. I will float. As the waves move me I am reminded of the ebb and flow of the natural world, its diversity, its immense beauty and its fragile balance. This balance is emphasised as I feel the rough sand on my back. The waves have carried me to the shore, and I must return to my duties. 
These moments, these chance encounters, this rare understanding of the coastal wildlife. These are the things I endeavour to replicate. In transposing their nature into sculpture, I wish to channel my memories and love of the coast,its hidden worlds and its inhabitants. Through this channelling I aim to inspire in others the same contemplation, the same understanding, the same will to preserve and assist. I aim to assure that our futures are not void of these worlds and their life. I want you to hear the booming symphony of the coast while sitting in traffic. I want to immerse you in nature while you stand surrounded by walls.”