Ceri Richards ‘Costers Dancing’



Image Dimensions: 24″ x 18″

Framed dimensions: 34″ x 28″


Pre-Season sale price: £1,500


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This print is hand signed and comes framed and ready to hang

Born in the Welsh mining town of Dunvant, Richards was initially an apprentice electrician. He then studied at the Swansea School of Art (1921–1924) before winning a scholarship to the Royal College of Art (1924–1927). Although he spent most of his life in London, he never lost his strong sense of Welsh identity.
Costermongers were London fruit and vegetable sellers; Richards found them a source of inspiration for many years, first making linocuts of them in 1939, and printing this lithograph himself at the Royal College of Art in 1952. He said that the woman portrayed here; wasn’t a person really, but had become like a marvellous bouquet of flowers.’