Exhibiting at Harbour Lights Gallery

Details for artists

At Harbour Lights Gallery we currently show work by over 30 artists.  We strive to have an ever changing varied collection of work with an eclectic mix of styles and prices to suit most tastes. That said, we are tied to our location and our main focus is Pembrokeshire Landscapes and seascapes. Most of our artists are based in Wales or use Pembrokeshire as their inspiration.

We currently have a waiting list to show at the gallery due to lack of space. If you would like to be added to this list for consideration at a later date, please email us with details of yourself and your work.

Please do not turn up at the Gallery with your artwork and expect to be seen, there is usually only one person running the Gallery at one time and they are there to deal with customers, Thank you.

Please note that we only show work by full time professional artists who do not currently show in any other Galleries in Pembrokeshire.

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