Rachel Fenner Original paintings and Limited Edition prints

  • Rachel Fenner 'Inlet at Porthgain
  • Rachel Fenner - Serpentine Sea
  • Rachel Fenner - Summer Rainstorm
  • Rachel Fenner - Beach dialogue
  • Rachel Fenner - Nocturne with Gibbon moon
  • Rachel Fenner - Druidstone Nocturne
  • Rachel Fenner - sudden wind and rain
  • Rachel Fenner - Windy Landscape (2)
  • Rachel Fenner - Storm Ecplispe -oil on board
  • Rachel Fenner - Hills and Valley
  • Rachel Fenner - coastal journey
  • Rachel Fenner 'Winds of the encircled moon'
  • Rachel Fenner 'Day and Night fragments'

“Before studying sculpture at the Royal College of Art, I devoted as much time to painting as I did sculpture and valued both disciplines equally. At the age of nineteen I won the David Murray scholarship for landscape painting; awarded by the Royal Academy of Art. I used this award to work in Wales (near Aberystwyth) and subsequently in Pembrokeshire. I found an immediate affinity with the coastline of this area, which reminded me of both the windswept beaches of my native North Yorkshire and the rugged shores of North Cornwall that I had known and loved since childhood.”

She has exhibited widely in London and throughout the UK. In the past she has worked predominantly as an environmental sculptor and has produced public art commissions across the UK and internationally. She retired from public art in 2004 to focus on painting and now works almost entirely as a painter. Her paintings follow the Modernist tradition of English Romantic Abstraction and are largely inspired by the coastal landscapes of Pembrokeshire and Dorset.

“These landscape paintings draw upon the physicality of landscape rather than simply being paintings of landscapes,” says Rachel. “In this sense they have become abstract and have assimilated the language of the geometrical forms that underpin much of my environmental sculpture.”


Available Originals

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‘Hills and Valley’

Gouache on paper


‘Coed Ty Canol 1’

Gouache on paper


Rachel Fenner - Sunset Reformation

‘Sunset Reformation’

acrylic on board


Rachel Fenner 'Day and Night fragments'

‘Day and Night Fragments’

oil on canvas


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