Becky Thorley-Fox

Born in Cheshire, Becky moved to the west coast of Wales in 2010, where she finds a constant source of inspiration in the rugged landscape.

Becky is a ‘plein air’ painter, preferring to take her paints and easel out into the landscape to work directly from life, working through a telescope to capture wildlife in the field. Becky loves the challenge and excitement of working from life and the freshness and spontaneity it brings to her work.

There is a direct link when working ‘en plein air’ between the eye and the tip of the paint brush giving each mark a truth and clarity. I work to capture and respond to the transitory effects of nature- the interplay of subtle colour changes and light, observed through all weather and times of day. Every painting represents a unique moment spent in the landscape – a sensory record and personal response to a specific mood, time, and place.

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