Bernard Green Linocuts

Bernard Green was a distinguished painter and print maker whose work showed a remarkable ability to stretch the technique of linocut production to new levels of perception. When be died in February 1998 he left behind him a wonderful legacy of more than 70 images – supremely sensitive linocut prints all of which he had signed, dated and numbered. They also bear the impressit mark after the signature indicating that he alone worked the edition. Bernard was a quiet, retiring but complex man. He was a man who was warm and sensitive with a sensitivity that is revealed in the colour and tone of his prints. Much of his work evokes peace and harmony, rejecting the popular myth that linocuts are essentially crude and sometimes garish.

Bernard Green was chosen by Her Majesty the Queen to portray Caernarfon Castle as a linocut. This exclusive work has been reproduced by British Telecom on the Royal Tele message for Wales. Bernard Green’s work is represented in collections in 19 countries of the world and 29 public collections in the UK including The Guggenheim collection New York.

Below is a selection of Linocuts produced by Bernard Green as well as a selection produced by his wife Margaret Green.

To Purchase a Linocut please contact us with the title of the print you are interested in and we will send along full details.

Bernard Green Linocuts

Standard Size Linocuts Approx image size: 17″ x 14″

£295.00 unframed  

£395.00 Framed

Large Bernard Green Linocuts

Large Bernard Green Linocuts Approx size: 25″ x 14″

£325 unframed

£425 Framed

Margaret Green Linocuts

 Margaret Green, Wife of Bernard Green was also a very talented artist, these Linocuts were designed by Margaret with Bernard helping with the printing.

Approx size: 17″ x 14″

£295 Unframed

£395 Framed

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