Perryn Butler ‘Tango’


Dimensions: 8″ x 12″ x 6″


* Available on Collectorplan

£150.00 deposit

£112.50 per month for 12 months ( Interest free)


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This sculpture is available to buy interest free with the Arts Council of Wales’ Collectorplan Scheme, see breakdown above and full details here..

This sculpture is from a Limited Edition

Free delivery available within the UK

Perryn Butler is a successful Welsh Sculptor, based in Haverfordwest, West Wales. Her work is internationally collected, the most recent organisations, including the Irish Environmental Agency, and The Centre for European Culture, Otzhausen Germany.

“My work is derived from intense study of early civilisations. I am interested in the connection between man and his spiritual world. In this secular society, with an ever-decreasing attention span, I am looking for something deeper and more lasting. Feelings have been unfashionable both in art and music for many years, and concept and cerebral notions have been at the forefront in public galleries and evident in current music like death metal. British society has become divorced from feeling and caring, possibly through daily bombarding by the media. We are so used to images of war and starvation that terrible ghastly things have become commonplace. I think soon people will start to want something which expresses the feelings of love, sadness anger and pain that we have numbed ourselves from. I carve with my emotions and love and belonging are profound emotions which are joyous to express. The Welsh word for it is “heireith”, which as well as belonging means a yearning for your homeland. Mine is Pembrokeshire in West Wales in the British Isles. It is surrounded by wilderness and beautiful beaches, magical hills full of ancient burial site and stone circles.”